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HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Distributes Guide for Life in Korea to Foreign Workers

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has published a special guidebook for adapting to life in Korea to assist foreign workers.

HHI's Co-Prosperity Business Department recently produced "Guide for Life in Korea" in six languages: Vietnamese, Uzbek, Indonesian, Sinhala, Thai, and English.

This booklet contains practical daily life information such as local dining options, public transportation usage, cultural activities, and leisure activities, along with instructions for handling emergencies such as illness or accidents.

Additionally, it provides detailed introductions to Korean culture, accommodation facilities and their usage, FAQs, emergency contact numbers, and maps of major public facilities.

Especially noteworthy is the inclusion of basic shipbuilding-related vocabulary and conversations to facilitate smooth communication and safe work practices for foreign workers at production sites.

In addition to frequently used equipment and tool names in production, the appendix contains detailed vocabulary and example sentences necessary for daily communication and work-related interactions with Korean coworkers.

HHI plans to distribute this booklet to over 100 partner companies where foreign workers are employed and to place copies in offices and lounges. New employees will receive the guidebook during safety training sessions.

Itti, a worker from Thailand employed by Yeongjin Co., expressed appreciation for the guidebook, noting its potential to be very helpful in adapting to life in Korea. He mentioned plans to visit travel destinations recommended in the booklet with friends on weekends.

Noh Jin-yul, CEO of HHI and head of the Co-Prosperity Business Department, emphasized the significant contribution of foreign workers to the shipbuilding industry amid recent surges in orders. He expressed hope that the guidebook would assist foreign workers in conducting safe operations and settling into local communities.

Furthermore, HHI plans to produce more guidebooks in various languages considering the foreign workers from various countries.