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Green Operation

We will operate responsibly to ensure the comfort of the local community.HD HYUNDAI is putting efforts to maintain clean and efficient business sites, for we are responsible not only for our products but also for the well-being of the local community. We operate responsibly, taking into account the impact of our business on the local residents.

hundred millionTotal Environmental Investment (KRW)As of FY 2022
HD HYUNDAI is actively investing in sustainable business development and facility replacement. This investment is an opportunity to lead the future and a crucial step for sustainable business. We are reviewing various options that may respond to climate change such as hydrogen, CCUS, biofuels, and circular economy. In addition, facility replacement is regularly conducted to check operational performance and emission status, so that our business sites may ensure environmental comfort and safety, keeping harmony with the local community.Coverage: Please refer to the notes in “ESG Library – ESG Performance – HD HYUNDAI(Total), Environmental Investments.”
88%Coverage of ISO 14001 CertificationAs of FY 2022
Under the belief that good products come from good business sites, we have put efforts to maintain safe and clean work environment, preventing negative impacts on the employees and local residents. We established Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) that meets international standards in major domestic and overseas business sites. We also manage pollutants with internal standards that are stricter than the legal requirement.Coverage: Main headquarters and key domestic production facilities

our progress

HD HYUNDAI owns business sites in various regions of Korea and across the world. To protect the environment of local areas and the hopes of future generations within, HD HYUNDAI and its affiliates will join forces to find the best option for the environment and practice low-impact business activities. Please check our diverse activities for environmental management by clicking each business site on the map.