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Corporate Governance

Transparent and Sustainable
Corporate Leadership

HD HYUNDAI prioritizes sound and reliable governance to raise the value of stakeholders and the company
to accomplish our mission to "bring the future closer to humanity by steering innovation and defying our limits."

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01 Board Composition
and Operation

HD HYUNDAI and its affiliates set high value on competent and transparent governance when forming the board of directors.

Independence All outside directors are appointed in strict compliance with the regulations such as the Commercial Act, including the prohibition of special relationship with major shareholders and the Group affiliates.

Diversity Board selection procedures do not entail any discrimination regarding age, gender, academic background, or region of origin. The board of our affiliates consists of experts from various fields, including corporate management, legal affairs and accounting.

02 Stakeholder

HD HYUNDAI sets shareholder value as a top priority and our growth aims to benefit the society with economic development and social value creation.

We established a dividend policy to give guidance to the investors, and more plans are under review to increase shareholder returns.

We also regularly communicate our management status to the investors through various IR activities.

03 Audit
and Internal Control

HD Hyundai's listed companies audit the performance of directors and management via the Audit Committee in compliance with the Commercial Act. All members of the Audit Committee are independent outside directors, reinforcing unbiased auditing and supervision.

The Audit Committee regularly reviews the operation of the internal accounting control system established for reliable accounting practice and disclosure.

The Audit Committee comprises professionals from various fields of expertise, including at least one expert in accounting or finance.