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HD Hyundai InfraCore receives Presidential Commendation at the “2023 Safety Culture Awards”

- Lauded for promoting a safety culture, establishing the first joint labor union-management organization for overseeing safety culture issues at the company
- Recognized for making social contributions in the form of providing excavators and donations during national disasters such as mountain fires and floods
- President Cho Young-cheul: “We shall lead the culture of safety by creating a workplace where employees could work safely as healthy individuals.

HD Hyundai Infra Core received a Presidential Commendation at the “2023 Safety Culture Awards” ceremony held at the Sejong Convention Center on Monday, December 11th.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Interior and Safety has annually organized the “Safety Culture Awards” to recognize exemplary instances of safety culture initiatives in both private and public sectors, bestowing awards upon individuals and organizations playing a significant role in promoting a safety culture.

Since last July, the Ministry of Interior and Safety has been inviting submissions from local self-governments, public agencies, civilian organizations, and individuals to nominate organizations deserving of recognition for their contributions to safety culture. A total of 38 organizations were selected for awards.

As a recipient of the Presidential Commendation, HD Hyundai Infra Core was recognized for proactively fostering a safety culture through collaborative efforts between its labor union and management. 

In 2021, HD Hyundai Infra Core achieved a milestone by becoming the first company in South Korea to establish a safety culture team jointly operated by the labor union and management. This team oversees safety investments totaling around KRW 15 billion annually.

In addition, to instigate a shift in safety awareness among employees, the company has implemented a variety of initiatives aimed at nurturing a safety culture within the organization. These initiatives include safety culture slogan and video contests, safety culture hero awards, and establishment of Safety Day.

During instances of national disasters such as mountain fires in Gangneung and floods in the Gyeongbuk region, the company stepped forward by providing excavators at the affected sites to aid in recovery efforts. Furthermore, it engaged in social contribution activities including the donation of funds to support the reconstruction of local traditional markets that were ravaged by fire.

"Safety for everyone is a fundamental value that should never be compromised. Moving forward, we are committed to creating a workplace where employees can operate in a healthy, secure environment. Our aim is to be a company at the forefront of advocating safety culture promotion," President Cho Young-cheul of HD Hyundai Infra Core said after receiving the award.