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Supply Chain Management with
Innovation and Coexistence

HD HYUNDAI is strengthening ESG risk management system for the contractors to establish a sustainable supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Operation Philosophy

    HD HYUNDAI established our own Supply Chain Operation Philosophy under the principles of transparency, legality, and fairness, adding to the four guidelines of the Fair Trade Commission. We regularly update and improve our purchasing policy via supply chain inspections and communication channels, so that we may establish fair and transparent transaction practices and achieve co-prosperity with our contractors.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain

    HD HYUNDAI encourages the contractors to join in the steps to improve the ESG management. Our Group affiliates are working together to support the ESG management activities in the supply chain. In addition, our Group ESG KPI includes the establishment of a supply chain ESG management system and the disclosure of relevant information. The ESG KPI performance is linked to the compensation of high executives, and will gradually expand its scope to the employee level as well.


Supply Chain Risk Management Process

  1. Increase awareness on ESG
  2. Develop ESG Guideline and Indicators
  3. Conduct ESG Risk Assessment
  4. Support Risk Improvement and Consulting
  5. Conduct Follow-Up Monitoring

ESG Assessment Indicators

  • Environmental
    • Environmental management governance
    • Violation of environmental regulations
    • GHG emission management
    • Energy use management
  • Social
    • Human rights issues
    • Legally mandatory training
    • Rules of employment
    • Safety policy
  • Governance
    • ESG risk management
    • Stakeholder communication
    • Anti-corruption program
    • Violation of fair trade laws