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Welcome Message“A Greener Future from the Ocean”
is what we envision and pursue.

Welcome Message from Group Chief ESG Officer

A Greener Future from the Ocean
is what we envision and pursue.

Dear stakeholders,
I appreciate your deep interest and attention to visit our ESG website.

In recent days, we have witnessed the unprecedented global warming and weather disasters accelerating across the world. The growing impact of the climate change is pressuring the global economy to take a proactive approach to ESG management and sustainability for future generations.

In response to this, HD HYUNDAI has made ESG management a top priority in our main businesses of shipbuilding and offshore engineering, energy, and future industrial solutions.

We have declared the Group’s ESG slogan, "Beyond Blue Forward to Green" along with our vision, "Future from the Ocean". This represents our commitment to innovate the existing businesses and take the lead in eco-friendly technologies. Taking a step forward, we also announced the 'Hydrogen Dream 2030 Roadmap' that envisions hydrogen business as a future growth engine.

We set up our ESG management governance by launching the Group ESG Council organized with Chief ESG Officers of 13 group affiliates including HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering and HD Hyundai Oilbank. We also organized the ESG Committee under the board of each affiliate. Furthermore, we are actively responding to the information disclosure requests from domestic and international organizations and have published the integrated report to make transparent disclosure of our ESG activities and performances every year.

This ESG website aims to enhance information accessibility and convenience for our stakeholders, serving as a communication hub to share the Group's commitments, activities and initiatives aligned with sustainable growth and management.

In order to sustain this performance, we ask for your continued support and interest.

Thank you.

HD HYUNDAI Group Chief ESG Officer

HD HYUNDAI Group Chief ESG Officer

Young-cheul Cho