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Compliance & Ethics

Trusted Company, Respected Company

HD HYUNDAI will firmly stand on the trust and respect from people
with transparent management and innovative mind.

Set of Values
  • Fairness 공정성
  • Ownership 주인의식
  • Responsibility 책임감
  • Enthusiasm 열정
  • Safety 안전
  • Transparency &
    투명성, 신뢰

Just as the "Forest" becomes the place of harmony for various creatures,
HD HYUNDAI will promote the growth and well-being of our stakeholders by pursing these set of values.

Business Ethics

We established fair and transparent policies such as Charter of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Business Ethics Guidelines. Based on these policies, we have built practical system for ethical management to provide education, in-house promotion and engaging programs.

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Commitment to Business Ethics

Comply with ethics regulations and anti-corruption law Prohibit unfair trade, corruption and irregularities Eradicate improper solicitation or graft Annual pledge submission required to employees and contractors

Reporting Channels and Whistleblower Protection

Operate reporting channels for unethical behaviors at work and a reward system for reportingProtect the identity of whistleblowers and prevent any disadvantages

Internalization of Business Ethics

Educate the employees to raise awareness of ethical managementEnhance the effect by adopting customized education and in-house promotion

Compliance Management

HD HYUNDAI operates a compliance management system that monitors legal violation risks and provides guidance to the employees such as fair trade education and consultation services.

Legal Risk Management

Compliance Risk Assessment Arrange customized inspection based on the risk assessment result Assess fair trade, contracting, economic sanctions, dispatch, etc.

Compliance Consultation and Prior Approval System Operate compliance support channel for the employees Include economic interest approval, stakeholder due diligence, etc.

Consultation on Unfair Transactions Provide reporting and consulting channel for contractors

Compliance Promotion

Legal Compliance Guideline Standardized compliance system Provisions for Fair Trade Compliance Program Compliance Guideline for anti-corruption Compliance Guideline for economic sanctions

Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)

Compliance Education Regular education for all employees Customized education regarding job position and function