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Sharing your 1% fills the world
with light and hope

Adding up 1% salary donation with 99% of hopefulness, HD HYUNDAI embraces the underprivileged
in our society and envisions a warm and healthy society.

  • 6.16 billion KRW

    Foundation’s Contribution Amount(As of FY 2023)
    Excluding contribution of each affiliate
  • 40,574 hours

    Community ServiceAs of FY 2023

We established HD HYUNDAI 1% Nanum Foundation to make donations filled with the hearts of our workers.
Donated salaries are used to share the pain of our underprivileged neighbors and to create an embracing society.

“A Better World, A Brighter Future”

1% HD현대나눔재단
Happy Family
  • Happy Meal for Elders
  • Heating Oil Support
  • Single Parent Support
  • Masterpiece (Support for artists with disabilities)

“Happy Family” project supports the underprivileged with various social programs.

We not only provide direct support such as meals and heating, but also open activities to help the underprivileged develop their dreams for the future.

Happy Donor
  • Happy Supporters
  • HD119

“Happy Donor” project can be represented as Happy Supporters, where the employees of the Group may suggest community services suitable to each region. This program adds significance with high sustainability.

Meanwhile, HD119 provides emergency relief activities in case of unexpected accidents or natural disasters by offering financial or material support and dispatching employee volunteer teams.

Dream Future
  • Dream Place
  • Dream Academy
  • Dream Harmony

“Dream Future” is a recently established project that helps children in institutional care, which was selected by the donors after gaining an approval rate of 41% from the survey.

To ensure the stable settlement of children in welfare facilities, we have established an integrated platform with a wide range of support from the protection stage to financial independence.

Dream Partner
  • HD HYUNDAI Honor Award
  • I’m Donor
  • Biological Specimen Producer Course for the Disabled
  • Forest Wedding in National Parks

“Dream Partner” seeks to deliver the value of sharing to a wide range of stakeholders.

We reflect the donors’ opinion (including our workers) as in the “HD Hyundai Honor Award” and “I'm Donor” project, and strive to create a happier environment with social contribution linked to ESG activities.