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HSHI Launches Special Project to Demonstrate Simultaneous Fueling of LNG-powered Ships

▶ Approval by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

▶ It will be implemented from August for nine ships under construction

▶ Up to four tank trucks are introduced using a self-manufactured mobile manifold

▶ Expect 70% reduction in fuel injection time and 65% reduction in greenhouse gas generation


HSHI (Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries), an HD Hyundai affiliate, will launch a special demonstration project to supply fuel to liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion ships more efficiently and eco-friendly than before.


HSHI announced on the 26th that it will simultaneously refuel nine LNG dual-fuel propelled container ships currently under construction since August with up to four tank lorries using its own mobile manifold (a device that connects the ship to the tank lorries).


On September 5 last year, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy approved the "regulatory sandbox system" of LNG ship charging tests using mobile manifolds applied by HSHI and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries.


According to the current Enforcement Rules of the Urban Gas Business Act, LNG-powered ships can only refuel with less than two tank lorries (one refueling, one atmosphere) at a time. For this reason, it takes about 40 hours to refuel 600 tons of fuel needed for the sea test.


However, if four tank trucks are connected at the same time using a mobile manifold, the refueling will be completed in 12 hours. This is expected to reduce gas evaporation effectively, resulting in a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional methods.


HSHI secured stability by preparing "exemplary safety standards" for this project with the regulatory agency KGSC (Korea Gas Safety Corporation), and subscribed to gas accident liability insurance exclusively for demonstration projects in case of safety accidents.


The pilot area is the first quay wall of the HSHI plant, and the pilot period is valid for two years from the commencement date of the project. If the relevant laws and regulations are not revised before the expiration of the business, an additional two years can be extended.


An HSHI official said, "We will do our best to successfully complete the demonstration special project so that the eco-friendly fuel supply of dual-fuel-powered ships can be efficient in a short period of time."


On the other hand, the regulatory sandbox system organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is a system that allows operators to provide services for a certain period of time by delaying existing regulations when new services or products are released to foster the industry. (The end)


■ Photo Description

Conceptual diagram of LNG propulsion ship fuel charging test using mobile manifold and multiple tank lorry.