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HD Hyundai’s Construction Equipment Business Preserves Nature on Global Volunteer Day

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▶ Designated May as ‘Global Volunteer Day’ to continue efforts on restoring the ecosystem
▶ Joined by global business offices including China, Indonesia, Brazil, Czech Republic to clean office surroundings

The three construction equipment companies of HD Hyundai hosted its ‘Global Volunteer Day’ joined by all global offices to restore the ecosystem and preserve biodiversity.
HD Hyundai XiteSolution, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment, HD Hyundai Infracore announced that they conducted environmental protection activities in all of its global offices including Korea, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. 
Over 1,400 employees worldwide participated in the first ‘Global Volunteer Day’ event who gathered voluntarily and took time off from work to help preserve the environment, hoping that they can contribute to making a healthier Earth for the next generation.
HD Hyundai XiteSolution volunteered at a 12,000m² ecopark in Seongnam, Korea where they planted various flowers and removed weed in the area. On the same day, another team collected waste and leaves blocking water tunnels at the 4.5km long Uiryeong eco-trail, which is where the company recently signed an MOU on ecosystem conservation with the Korea National Park Service. 
HD Hyundai Construction Equipment volunteered at a sister town located in Chungbuk, Korea in which they used their own construction equipment to dig and plant 300 fringe trees which will help mitigate exhaust fumes from nearby roads. The company plans to continue such activities going forward.
HD Hyundai Infracore participated in a Companion Beach Protection Program hosted by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. The company visited a companion beach in Incheon and Gunsan, located near its domestic business offices and collected over 1.1 ton of marine waste.

Each global office/s also joined and hosted their own preservation activities. Offices of the three construction equipment companies located in China (Beijing, Yāntái, Chángzhōu), India, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Czech Republic all cleaned the environment nearby each of their offices.
CEO and President Young-cheul Cho of HD Hyundai XiteSolution also attended the event and mentioned, “The fact that employees from all global offices of HD Hyundai’s three construction equipment companies are participating in the Global Volunteer Day, being held on the same day, will add more sustainability and sincerity in realizing carbon neutrality” and added, “We plan to make more opportunities to widen the range of charity events in addition to our HD Hyundai 1% Nanum Foundation.”
The three companies of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment have designated a day in May every year as the ‘Global Volunteer Day’ and plans to continue its efforts to restore the ecosystem. The main theme and location will be decided after discussions with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea Forest Service and local governments each office is located in. 
In addition to plogging, the three construction equipment businesses of HD Hyundai are speeding up its sustainable ecosystem restoration businesses to practice social responsibilities and has signed an ‘MOU on Ecosystem Conservation for the Bukhansan National Park Uiryeong-gil’ with the Korea National Park Service on the 10th. 
Photo Description 1: Employees of HD Hyundai’s three construction equipment companies joined the ‘Global Volunteer Day’ on the 24th to plant flowers and remove weed in the Seongnam ecopark.
Photo Description 2: Deputy Mayor Jin-chan Lee of Seongnam City (fourth from the left) and CEO and President Young-cheul Cho of HD Hyundai XiteSolution (third from left) attended ecosystem preservation activities at the Seongnam ecopark on the 24th.