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HD Hyundai Oilbank Issues 2022 Integrated Report

HD Hyundai Oilbank announced that it has issued “2022 ESG Integrated Report: ECO-FRIENDLY FUTURE WITH GREEN ENERGY.”

This report covers HD Hyundai Oilbank's annual ESG activity performance and management performance, including the key ESG issues, impacts, and management measures selected through the materiality assessment process.

Through the report, HD Hyundai Oilbank introduces the company's practical efforts to respond to climate change, such as strengthening the greenhouse gas management organization and establishing carbon reduction action plan. The compnay also presents specific strategy to realize a sustainable future with bio business, resource recycling business, eco-friendly hydrogen and chemical materials business, etc.

Chu Young-min, CEO of HD Hyundai Oilbank, said, “We will overcome the challenges of the times, such as carbon neutrality and energy paradigm shift, with an innovative attitude and seek new opportunities.” He added, “We will continue to work hard to prioritize safety and the environment and strengthen communication with stakeholders.”

The report was produced as an interactive PDF that allows navigation to related pages and web page hyperlinks, improving user convenience. The full report can be found on HD Hyundai Oilbank official website, where Korean and English versions are available.