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Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries(HSHI) Building the World"s First "AI Engineer" Equipped ship

▶ H-LINE Shipping's 180,000-ton LNG-powered bulk carrier

▶ Commercialization of the world's first Integrated Condition Diagnostic Solution and Integrated Safety Control Solution

▶"Leading the development and commercialization of autonomous ships using engine automation solutions as a stepping stone“



HSHI, an HD HYUNDAI affiliate, is leading the autonomous shipping field by delivering the world's first "AI engineer" equipped ship.


HSHI announced on the 24th that it has recently delivered an AI-based institutional automation solution to H-Line Shipping's 180,000-ton LNG-powered bulk carrier.


The institutional automation solutions developed and installed by HD Korea Shipbuilding&Offshore Engineering(KSOE) in collaboration with H-LINE Shipping are the Integrated Condition Diagnostic Solution(HiCBM) and the Integrated Safety Control Solution(HiCAMS). It is an intelligent system that diagnoses the condition of major equipment in the ship in real time and automatically recognizes emergency situations and unexpected situations such as fires, and acts as an AI crew member when operating the ship.


HiCBM is a system that diagnoses and manages key ship devices such as propulsion and power generation engines, compressors, and pumps in real time, and plays a role in securing operational stability by allowing artificial intelligence to detect and prevent signs of failure during navigation. HiCAMS is a system in which artificial intelligence detects and analyzes safety-related events in real time using CCTV on board, and plays a key role in maintaining the safety of ships and sailors.


These two systems can also be applied to existing ships in operation, which is expected to expand the AI-based institutional automation solution market.


The safety and reliability of the two systems, which were first applied this time, were verified during a pilot operation in the presence of a American Bureau of Shipping(ABS), and were got Approval In Principle(AIP) by ABS in September last year.


HD KSOE succeeded in the transoceanic crossing for the first time in the world in June last year when Avikus, its affiliate, installed an autonomous operating system on a large-scale merchant marine. With the commercialization of the engine automation solution, it is one step closer to the world's first ‘unmanned ship’ in the field of large-scale merchant ships that can operate for a long time without the help of navigators, engineers, and deckers.


Official from H-LINE Shipping said, "We will lead a role as a smart and eco-friendly shipping company by applying the engine automation solution jointly developed with HD KSOE to H-LINE Shipping's LNG-powered bulk vessel for the first time in the world."


Kwon Byung-hoon, executive director of HD KSOE, said, "The advent of the era of autonomous ships based on artificial intelligence and digital technology is inevitable. We will lead the development and commercialization of autonomous ships in addition to navigation automation." (The end)


■ Photo Description

A trial running of 180,000-ton LNG-powered bulk carrier built by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries and delivered to H-LINE Shipping.