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HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Targets RE100 through Self-Generated Solar Power Systems

▶ Hyundai Construction Equipment India signs joint-development MOU with Ravindra Energy on PV generation
▶ Hyundai Construction Equipment China starts PV generation to self-procure half of its annual electricity consumption
▶ Will promote Ulsan Campus project to realize carbon neutrality in all global businesses by 2050
HD Hyundai Construction Equipment (CEO: Choi Cheol-gon) is making efforts to reach RE100 (Renewable Electricity 100) within its businesses by expanding self-generated solar power systems in its business operations.
HD Hyundai Construction Equipment announced on April 4, that it recently signed an MOU with Ravindra Energy Limited, specializes in solar power businesses, to install solar panels capable of generating 2.5MW.
Both parties will be working on building solar power facilities by September this year in a 40,000m idle site located near HCE India which will provide 4,700MWh electricity every year for the coming decade. This amounts to 70% of the power consumed annually at HCE India’s production sites and the term can be extended based on mutual agreement.
EMS, the Energy Management System, will also be installed in the facility to maximize efficiency of electricity being generated by automatically controlling the amount of energy being consumed based on weather and other variables.
HCE China is also in the process of expanding its solar power generators. The Chinese office of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment has already installed 4MW PV panels on its 77,000m factory roofs since last November and is self-procuring 3800MWh, which is around half of its annual energy consumption. It is especially focusing on the efficient use of energy by analyzing the pattern between power that has been generated and consumed.
HD Hyundai Construction Equipment prospects that power generated in China will contribute to reducing 3,700 tons of sulfur dioxide, Co2 and other exhaust, along with 1,400 tons of coal annually consumed.
A representative of HD Hyundai Construction Equipment mentioned, “There are restrictions in implementing PV projects in Korea as it is easily affected by weather conditions such as sunshine, and also because large sites are needed,” but continued to say, “We plan to use our experience overseas and accelerate efforts to reach RE100 once the Ulsan Campus renewable energy production system is complete in 2024.”
Meanwhile, HD Hyundai Construction Equipment has been working on the Ulsan Campus since 2021. Once the $15 million invested business has been completed, the Ulsan Campus will be renewed into a green business site certified with green design buildings and great energy performance.

■ Photo Description: 4MW PV panels installed on the roofs of HCE China’s factory