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HMD Starts the Production of Smart Electric Ships

▶ HMD implements key ICT technologies including electric propulsion system, intelligent integrated control system and remote-controlled smart solution

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) announced on October 19 that it hosted the steel cutting ceremony to celebrate the work commencement for a smart ship featuring the convergence of information and communications technology (ICT) with an electric propulsion system, commissioned by Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency (UIPA).

This ship is expected to provide a milestone to the environment-friendly smart ship market: it conforms to "Smart Ship Project with ICT Convergence and Electric Propulsion Systems" funded by Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(KIAT), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, and Ulsan Metropolitan City.

With its size extending to 89.2m in length, 12.8m in breadth and 5.4m in depth, the smart ship can sail at the maximum speed of 16 knots, carrying 375 passengers. After the delivery due on October 2022, the ship is scheduled to operate off the coast of Ulsan.

It is notable that the ship is equipped with four key ICT convergence technologies, including:

⦁ DC-grid based electric propulsion system that maximizes the fuel efficiency;
⦁ LNG dual-fuel engine with near-zero sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions;
⦁ Intelligent integrated control system that provides collision avoidance, berthing guidance and optimal route recommendation systems;
⦁ Remote-controlled smart solution that supports ship monitoring and operation.

For further improvement, more smart ship technologies are to be applied for safety such as the maintenance system that automatically checks aging equipment.