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HHI Group Declares Its ESG Vision

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group announced the Group’s ESG vision, “Future from the Ocean” and declared its slogan, “Beyond Blue Forward to Green” on November 1.

The Group’s new ESG vision is inspired by the “Ocean,” where the Group’s business has been originally dedicated to shipbuilding and offshore engineering. The vision also represents the Group’s sustainable commitments to carbon neutrality and ecological preservation to create a greener future.

The new slogan highlights the Group’s resolve to bring forward the long-established businesses of shipbuilding, offshore engineering and energy as the first-mover of the eco-friendly industry.

Based on the new ESG vision and slogan, HHI Group plans to develop its far-reaching KPIs and set priority tasks to facilitate its ESG management. The Group will also make the firm establishment of the Group-wide ESG culture implanted to scrutinize strategic practices and activities.

“The declaration of the ESG vision and slogan shows our will to practice systematic ESG management,” said Ka Sam-hyun, Group Chief ESG Officer. “We will be at the forefront of addressing the global environmental issues while creating a better future with eco-friendly technologies.”