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HD Hyundai Announces a New "Ocean Transformation" Vision

HD Hyundai, the world's largest shipbuilding and heavy industries conglomerate, introduced at a press conference January 4, Ocean Transformation, a fundamental reframing of the company's perspective and approach on ocean utilization with a focus on sustainability. The press conference was held on the eve of the opening day of CES 2023 — the world's largest electronics and IT trade show, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, US. 

"For HD Hyundai, the ocean is our home base; It's where we can share the depth of our expertise. We hope to realize a sustainable future for mankind by capitalizing on the ocean's infinite potential," said Kisun Chung, CEO of HD Hyundai, at the press conference. "To solve the most pressing challenges faced by mankind today, including the global energy crisis and climate change, we must capitalize on the infinite potential of the sea. As a future builder, HD Hyundai will take lead in driving a historic expansion of human territory and sustainable growth for future generations through a paradigm shift with Ocean Transformation." 

Ocean Transformation is a completely new approach of working with the ocean, a major repository of earth's resources and the center of global networks. The approach embodies a more concretized role for HD Hyundai and the direction it's heading with the Future Builder initiative the company announced at last year's CES. 

As mentioned in the opening remarks by Kisun Chung, the four key visions and goals to drive Ocean Transformation include Ocean Mobility, OceanWise, Ocean Life, and Ocean Energy. Sungjoon Kim, Head of the Advanced Research Center at Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE), presented on Ocean Mobility, floating the idea of next-generation digital ships that are eco-friendly as an answer to ocean sustainability. Other visions were presented by experts in each respective field, including Jiae Shim and Bongseok Baek, managers at Hyundai Global Service, who introduced HD Hyundai's marine data solution using A.I. and big data technology as well as Carl Johansson, director at Avikus, who shared the blueprints for a safer and freer sea enabled by autonomous technologies. Further, Yuri Kim, senior researcher at KSOE revealed the vision for an ocean energy ecosystem envisaged by HD Hyundai. 

Executives from HD Hyundai's key partners, such as Shyam Sankar, COO of Palantir and Jan Kjaersgaard, CEO of Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy, also participated as speakers to affirm their commitment to taking part in HD Hyundai's innovations and ventures to turn the ocean's potentials into realities. 

"We plan to showcase our vision and technology for the global audience again this year, following last year's participation in CES," said an HD Hyundai representative. "Through CES 2023, HD Hyundai plans to actively seek new business collaboration opportunities with global leaders in various fields." 

To this end, HD Hyundai has established a value chain wherein it utilizes the company's technologies in shipbuilding, offshore, energy, and industrial machinery, to produce, safely transport, and utilize eco-friendly energy to become a leader in transforming the ocean into a sustainable eco-friendly energy source.