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HD Hyundai’s Avikus Joins World’s Biggest Boat Show to Prove Leadership in Autonomous Navigation

HD Hyundai’s ship autonomous navigation subsidiary, Avikus, participated in the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the world’s largest boat show, and proved its leading capability in autonomous ship technology. 

Avikus first introduced “NeuBoat,” the level 2 autonomous navigation solution for recreational boats, at this boat show in Florida, the United States, held for five days from October 26 to 30, 2022. 

NeuBoat is a combination of the words “neuron” and “boat,” implying that the Avikus’ AI autonomous navigation solution installed in the ship will play a critical role in self-recognition, decision, and control in various maritime conditions as human nerve cells do. 

On October 26, the show’s opening day, Avikus signed a collaboration agreement (memorandum of understanding) with Raymarine, the global top-tier maritime electronics, for the commercialization of autonomous navigation boats. 

Based on the agreement, Avikus will launch a joint research and development to install the autonomous navigation solution onto a multi-function display for boats manufactured by Raymarine. 

In addition, Avikus will hold a demonstration for autonomous navigation during the show by inviting world-class boat companies, including Brunswick and Garmin, into Marina near the exhibition venue. 

Through the demonstration show, Avikus plans to introduce the advanced autonomous navigation solution for recreational boats, such as Navigation Assistant System (NAS) and Docking Assistant System (DAS) technologies, which are NeuBoat’s special capabilities. 

For demonstration, Avikus will install an experience booth where visitors can intuitively figure out autonomous NAS and DAS technologies in addition to hardware devices, such as computers and cameras, used for autonomous navigation solutions. With the booth operation, Avikus plans to expand the communication for private boat customers (B2C) as well as business counterparts.

Lim Do-hyung, CEO of Avikus, said, “In this boat show, Avikus will introduce its technological capabilities worldwide while actively promoting sales activities to achieve the sales target of KRW 200 billion in 2026.” He added, “Starting next year, we will work on commercializing the autonomous navigation solution for recreational boats focusing on the US and Europe.”

Meanwhile, in June of this year, Avikus successfully conducted the world’s first transoceanic voyage of an ultra-large carrier based on autonomous navigation technology. With this achievement, Avikus won the orders for HiNAS 2.0, the autonomous control solution for large vessels, from SK Shipping and Sinokor Merchant Marine and became the world’s first who commercialize the level 2 autonomous navigation solution.