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HSHI Awarded for Best Practices of Fair Trading

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries(HSHI) announced that it won the award from Fair Trade Commission (FTC) of Korea for its "Quality Mentoring Program" which aims to improve quality competitiveness for HSHI's subcontractors and suppliers. The presentation and awarding ceremony was held in Seoul with the attendance of eight major companies on December 16. 

Quality Mentoring Program is designed to solve the difficulties faced by the shipbuilding industry, where quality assurance is vulnerable due to less skilled and foreign workers working in the supply chain. HSHI supports productivity improvement of its subcontractors and suppliers by dispatching HSHI's skilled and experienced technical masters and providing multilingual working manuals and training materials. 

Cho Seong-wook, Chairperson of FTC said, "HSHI is making small but important contribution such as identifying the suppliers' quality problems, operating customized training courses, and keeping checklists in various languages. Such actions will definitely give a competitive edge to the company."