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Donation to Help Aged-Out Children

HHI Group’s 1% Nanum Foundation announced on September 14 that it donated KRW 240 million to Korean Association of Child Welfare to support the independence of aged-out children. 

Dream Sketch, one of the Foundation’s high-profile CSR campaigns, assists the youth aged out of care centers by covering the costs of training, application fees and activity materials for vocational qualification in cooking and baking jobs, etc. 

The recipients will also receive an additional career development allowance of KRW 300,000 per month, along with on-line counseling programs for their mental health to face and accept independence. 

“I am thrilled to have given small aid to those youth who have just started a new phase of their lives,” said Jo Min-ji, staff from Hyundai Oilbank at the ceremony. “We will continue to lend hands to those who are in need.” 

“Youths who aged of out of the caring system often stop pursuing their dreams due to financial challenges in independent livelihood,” said Jung Chae-woo of Korean Association of Child Welfare. “Our foundation’s fund will be of great help to keep their dreams alive.”